Искам да ви предложа няколко свежи песнички на Celine Dion. Настроението е коледно, магията на този празник докосва всички сърца и ги отваря за вяра, надежда и много, много любов.
Ето едни от моите любими коледни песни на Celine Dion.

Deck the halls with boughs of holly
It's the season to be jolly
And be thankful for all that we have
All the lights and decorations
Put up in the anticipation
Of the joyful celebration
That's on its way
We're counting the days
'Til it's time for Christmas day

Oh and God bless us everyone
The good and the bad
The happy; the sad
Oh and God bless us everyone
Here's to family and friends
It's good to be here again

Ooh Baby, hmmm

Listen up to what I got to say
I found true love and it's here to stay
Chapel bells are gonna ring in me
I met an angel on Christmas day

Twentyfourth of December
It was a cold and snowing night
I still can remember Gazing at the stars and the moonlight
Fell asleep on a sofabed
Dreams of Christmas in my head
But I woke up to my surprise
There he was right in front of my eyes